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Last night we went to pick up Shawn(jessicas BF) and hs friend works with him now... and he got jessicas number cause he was going to call Shawn to see what he was doing later. Well we went home and he didnt call all night and Jessica left to take Shawn home she come back and like around 12 or something her cellie rings.. I was like who is calling? It was That boy he wanted to talk to me cause Shawn told him i like him... I was so nervious cause i didnt know what to say to him cause i dont even know him! But it was his Birthday and he was really drunk so he probley wont remember anyway :D I just thought that was kinda wierd... like out of the blue... I cant believe it i didnt see Devin at all yesterday but i did talk to him on the net so i guess that was ok.. But its wierd cause on Christmas break i saw him everyday and like all day.... idk but i dont know what else to write :D so byes
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