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Guess what? amy got her lisence.. thats kiind of cool i guess but she problay will only do stuff with her b.f i saw heather going down maple by her self and then like 2 hours later i saw her with allie! It's kind of making me mad that she doesnt call me to do anything anymore! i mean what is up with that. Oh and my *friend* (ex- i guess).. Her and her boyfriend have been going out for almost 2 years some time in october it will be 2 years im not sure n day and stuff.Of course again im sitting at home with nothing to do y all my friends are having fun!! But everyone always says that ooo you house is too far out ok im like 5 mins from zanesville.. so.. well i dont know what else to talk about i need to go to walmart though!! :D bye * I'm Out *
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