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The first day of school sucked i dont really like any of my class but Mr. Greens science class just cause he is awesome!! :D I'm going to Kings Island this weekend for a cheeleading competition. its going to kind of be fun. I need a boyfriend i'm sick of all my friends having one and m the ugly fat one not having one so im going to start taking diet pills and if they dont work im not eating for like a month. O jessica if u read this my thing wont let me comment in ur comment thing :P so here is my comment to the baby pics one..........

Omg Halloween was like so much... i got justin good that night :D.. that was funny when johnathon fell on me too.. i'm glad it didnt hurt :P those were the best days :D and when u and i corn the school and picked it up cause of that cop :P lol wow i miss those days

I remember when i went out with Aaron Cash!! i was so in love with him i wrote on like all my papers and stuff.. Brittany Cash and.. Aaron and Brittany Cash.. i was dumb i know i found a pic of him when we went to washington d.c. 2gether for America sings lol we were so cute :P Well.. i think that is it i probley wont write anything till monday so bye byes
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ok i have nuttin' ta write about i jus thought i'd give u somethin' ta read.well lata