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Im So Happy

Devin is now my best friend :D its so great this it like the thing i wanted for like ever is to have a guy my best friend.. We talk about everything and i trust him and he is like so nice to me :D We had a talk yesterday and i dont think we will go out .. but ya never know ;) maybe someday :D Right now my life is great besides school cause i have alot of missing assignment and i dont feel like doing them but im going to start or my mom wont let me out of the house :D and i dont want that.. :) I went to Dustins house friday and Devin, Drew, and Dustin thought it would be funny and hold me down and give me 16 ass beatens just because .. my ass was so hurting yesterday :O but i think im going to try to write more in this thing then i do know... but for know thats all i have to say :D i love my life!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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