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OMG i havent wrote in my journal for like ever i have been at my friend Heather's house!! I have had so much fun!! :D Amy might be going out with this dude name josh!! he is cool.. (jessica u know him) u remember walmart and the mall guy josh macintire! or whatever thats him!! then me and this one kid almost had something but he blew me off and went out with this other chick i was pissed for a few days but i got over it cause i didnt like him all that much! but this guy from crooksville really likes me and i like him to but i cant like go out with him because i have never seen him before i just love his personality!! :D but he has seen me like at the mall and stuff!! I have been like in to everything!! I saw mike i was so happy cause i havnt seen him in like a month.. he was at the mall getting school stuff.. I wanna go see josh and Nate and korey like really bad.. i wonder if jessica had fun on vacation.. she wrote this like really long thing and i didnt wanna read it all.. i saw jasons brother at the mall with his g.f and what do u know its one of my old friends.. she used to go to my school what a small world!! well i think that is it for now! i might be going back to heather 2morrow so i might not write in this for awhile so i will talk to ya later bye everyone.....
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