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Amy and I went camping this last weekend it was so much fun.. Aaron Miller was there so we got to say hi to him! I was sick like 2 of the days though and amy couldnt sleep cause i was all clode up and i couldnt breath so i was snoring like really loud!! :P I wanna go camping again it was so much fun! and do u know u can stay at a cammp site if your under 18 if u have your parents permission and they sign something :O omg im going to get a tent and go with like all my friends :D i got to drive my car yesterday!! MY mom said she is going to come home 2night and let me drive and maybe go get it clean i cleeaned most of it but the exterior needs washed! It is so funny watching my dog and cat fight cause my cat is like a lil bigger then my dog! :D Well i really dont know what else to say! ummm... ya i wonder what jessica is doing maybe we can do something :P well *I'm Out*
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